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Bangalore Metro What To Expect

A peek into ...
* Noise Levels
* Trains & Safety Systems
* Cashing on Carbon Creds
* Futuristic Stations

By 2011, Namma Metro is tipped to carry 15 per cent of the traffic. A total of 180 coaches by 2011 and 270 coaches by 2021 are in the plan. The BMRC hopes to generate 10 per cent of the revenues from non-fare aspects and be commercially viable from the sixth year. The Metro also promises an average speed of 32 kmph (max 80 kmph), offering an end-to-end trip in 23/28 minutes.

Noise Levels

As per a BMRC survey, the Metro’s noise levels will be less than what a truck would create on the road. “Metro rail’s noise levels will be around 80 decibels, which is an average noise level in the City,” according to V Madhu, MD BMRC.

The present permitted noise level is 55 to 65 decibels. The peak noise level recorded in the City is 120 decibels, as per the survey. Madhu further says that efforts are on to reduce the noise levels as much as possible. For this, the BMRC is planning to install mufflers along the tracks, so that the screeching sound is minimised. Plans are also on to construct walls on both sides of the tracks.
Source: Deccan Herald ( A safe coach for Metro Rail, Tommorrow On Track)

Trains & Safety Systems

Each of the three coaches in every train (1,000 passengers per train) will be equipped with two or three concealed rotating cameras. They will capture the faces and behaviour of commuters. The visuals they capture will be transmitted by the antennae on the rooftop of the train  to an Operating Control Centre (OCC), which is slated to  come up at Majestic. All activities inside the train can thus be monitored from outside. The driver of the train will also be provided with a monitor which will constantly display the images. The OCC can retain these images for upto 24 hours.There is an option to record the pictures too if needed.
Automatic Train Protection System (ATPS)
Bangalore Metro system will have ATPS to prevent collision between trains. If a driver suffers a sudden heartattack or even falls asleep midway,  operation of the train will be automatically taken care of. In certain cases where the train stops midway, controllers operating from the OCC can operate it through remote control.

A track circuit that will be created for every 200-metres. Sensors and receptors will be wired to the railway track. There will also be a signalling equipment room for every third station. The position of each train will be monitored at such stations. All this will ensure that no collision takes place.

Semi Autonomous Control of Trains
Much of the control of the train is automated and taken off the drivers. The only job that these drivers have to do is ensure the train doors and closed and start the train. Acceleration, coasting, braking, precision stopping and opening of the doors on the correct side of the platform will be taken care of automatically. A speed signal in the driver’s cabin will highlight the target speed of the train. If the driver exceeds the set speed and ignores the warning given, brakes would get automatically applied within two to three seconds.

The classy, air-conditioned coaches will feature fire-retarding materials and would also be disabled-friendly.
Source: Deccan Herald ( A safe coach for Metro Rail, Tommorrow On Track)

Cashing on Carbon Creds

The BMRC plans to meet well-stipulated global standards by following eco-friendly techniques during both the construction of Metro corridors and its operation. BMRC has decided to claim carbon credit for the project by adopting all environment-friendly methods under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) provisions of the Kyoto Protocol. BMRC plans to approach the Union Ministry of Environment and Forest with a list of eco-friendly methods being adopted in the project to secure its necessary certification.

( What are there Carbon Credits? Under the Kyoto Protocol, developed countries have to reduce emissions as compared to 1990 levels from 2008 onwards and until the year 2012. If they cannot do so, they have the option of buying carbon credit points from clean energy products in developing countries. Effectively, therefore, carbon points are like a unit of trading like stock market shares or gold. )
Source: Deccan Herald ( Metro to go green for subsidy )

Futuristic Stations

RITES had initially designed the stations, but the BMRC did a re-think and roped in new architects to ensure that the design was in tune with the beauty of the City. The MG Road station (opposite old Plaza Theatre) will be designed by Venkataraman Associates, while the stations at Trinity Circle, Ulsoor, CMH Road and Old Madras Road will be designed by Zachariah Consultants, RSP Architects and Planners, RITES (Gurgaon) and Chandavarkar and Thaker Architects respectively.
BMRC will display plaques mentioning the architect firms’ names in each of these stations. You can read about the architectural aspects of the stations' design in this article: The Urban Arteries ( Deccan Herald ).

According to Chief Engineer, Design and Contracts, BMRCL N P Sharma, each of the structures were meant to be light in keeping with up to date technology. Safety measures have been incorporated into the design elements. All the stations have provision to evacuate passengers within 45 seconds of any accident. The material used to construct the stations, the doors and windows are fire resistant.

The BMRC has put the cost of each station at Rs 11 crore and all the stations will have dedicated bus bays to facilitate integration of all transport systems.

The award of tenders for construction of the stations will be issued soon. The tender for four of the six stations have been frozen and the tenders for the other two stations will be through in two months(ref: Dec 2007).
MG Road

Elevated in front of the old Plaza Theatre, six escalators and staircases, skywalk across MG Road, one lift from underground parking. The MG Road station will be connected through a sky-bridge to a heritage plaza depicting the rich history of Bangalore. A shopping mall is proposed at the old Plaza Theatre with an entrance from Church Street.

Trinity Circle

Elevated on MG Road adjacent to Nalli Silks, six escalators, staircases, three lifts and surface parking


Elevated on Swami Vivekananda Road at the police quarters compound, five escalators and stairways, three lifts and surface parking

CMH Road

Elevated on CMH Road in front of Arya Samaj, eight escalators and staircases, three lifts, large parking area on the surface level

Old Madras Road

Elevated station off the road, in front of Indiranagar 80 Feet Road, skywalk for commuters to cross to Old Madras Road, eight staircases and escalators, surface parking 24/7 solar power supply, glass facades, CCTVs, smoke and fire sensors, food courts and shopping centres will be features of the stations, that will also have escalators, ATMs, ticket kiosks, coffee shops, book shops, souvenir shops, lifts with braille buttons and signage conforming to international standards. Karnataka’s heritage will be depicted in the stations, in the form of murals and other art.

Source: Deccan Herald( Tommorrow On Track, The Urban Arteries)

Source: IBN Live Video Courtesy Indiansunite at Skyscrapercity


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